A Plurality of Practices: Artistic Narratives in HCI Research

18 April 2024

A paper discussed in the "Making With..." reading group:

Miriam Sturdee, Makayla Lewis, Angelika Strohmayer, Katta Spiel, Nantia Koulidou, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, and Josh Urban Davis. 2021. A Plurality of Practices: Artistic Narratives in HCI Research. In Creativity and Cognition, 1–14.

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Un-Compliant Mechanisms

09 April 2024

"Un-Compliant Mechanisms," a graduation project by my student Atacan Tutulmazay, applies speculative design to household appliances with distinct personalities—Lucy the thermostat, Maurice the light switch, and Bob the power outlet—challenging the conventional dynamics between humans and their everyday devices.

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Driving Design II

04 April 2024

Driving Design II, from the EU-funded Distributed Design Platform. The platform unites global Fab Labs, Makerspaces, cultural organizations, universities, and design centers. This book highlights design's potential to tackle current challenges and drive systemic transformation. 

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Restarting a blog

01 April 2024

I plan to use this online space to keep track of what I think, read, and discuss with students.

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My name is Gabriele and I am Assistant Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the department of Industrial Design. I work at the intersection of design, ethics, and community justice to co-design sustainable futures.

I analyze design's societal impact and I cooperate with diverse communities to challenge injustices. In class, I focus on ethical awareness and critical thinking, preparing students to navigate today's complex sociocultural landscape.

I'm inspired by Design Justice, and I draw on Ethnography, Interaction Criticism, Speculative Fabulation, Critical Design, and Humanistic HCI.

Have a look at my TUe institutional page and at my CV for all the other information about me.