Driving Design II

04 April 2024

Driving Design II, from the EU-funded Distributed Design Platform. The platform unites global Fab Labs, Makerspaces, cultural organizations, universities, and design centers. This book highlights design's potential to tackle current challenges and drive systemic transformation. The Distributed Design Platform advocates for a paradigm shift, embracing a postcolonial and post-anthropocene perspective. They emphasize the importance of updating design education and empowering designers to shape policy-making processes.

My former student Zeynep U─čur's project, Intercommunal Collaborations, is in the "Living with worlds: Ecologies of practice and kinship" section. Zeynep describes the participatory process of designing the critical tool, elaborates on the impact it currently creates with workshops, and reflects on the global-local relationship of the overall initiative. 

My name is Gabriele and I am Assistant Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the department of Industrial Design. I work at the intersection of design, ethics, and community justice to co-design sustainable futures.

I analyze design's societal impact and I cooperate with diverse communities to challenge injustices. In class, I focus on ethical awareness and critical thinking, preparing students to navigate today's complex sociocultural landscape.

I'm inspired by Design Justice, and I draw on Ethnography, Interaction Criticism, Speculative Fabulation, Critical Design, and Humanistic HCI.

Have a look at my TUe institutional page and at my CV for all the other information about me.