A blog? Yes, it's a bit outdated but effective.

I want to use this space primarily to collect my research notes and links. You will find them here

I also want to document my academic work, including published research, current projects, and thoughts on design and its societal impacts. I will also upload some of my teaching materials, and links to the students I mentor.

Academics, design practitioners, and anyone interested in the intersection of design and society: feel free to connect via email, Mastodon, or LinkedIn.

My name is Gabriele and I am Assistant Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the department of Industrial Design. I work at the intersection of design, ethics, and community justice to co-design sustainable futures.

I analyze design's societal impact and I cooperate with diverse communities to challenge injustices. In class, I focus on ethical awareness and critical thinking, preparing students to navigate today's complex sociocultural landscape.

I'm inspired by Design Justice, and I draw on Ethnography, Interaction Criticism, Speculative Fabulation, Critical Design, and Humanistic HCI.

Have a look at my TUe institutional page and at my CV for all the other information about me.