Gabriele Ferri, Design Researcher

I like games, especially those connecting people to places through pervasive technologies.

I conduct Research through Design on playfulness, urban spaces, interactive narrative, and futuring.
I'm inspired by Humanistic HCI, and I draw on Interaction Criticism, Ethnography, Critical Design, and Narrative Semiotics.

I am tenured researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and lecturer at the M.Sc. program in Digital Design.
I've previously worked at Indiana University (USA), University of Bologna (Italy), and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy).

I have teaching experience (grad & undergrad) in design ethics, research methods, games and interaction criticism, and persuasive design.

I am track chair for DiGRA 2018, and I sit in the steering committee for the ICIDS conference series.
I was part of the local organizing committee, as well as Exhibition Co-Chair, for the CHI Play 2017 conference.

I have co-edited the volumes A Lab of Labs: Methods and Approaches for a Human-Centered Design,
and Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory and Practice,
and the journal issue G|A|M|E 5(1) Games on Games. Game design as critical reflexive practice.

As a practitioner, I create geolocalized narratives, playful interactions and "games for cities".
I'm also interested in design futuring, speculative design and critical design.

And I wish for more free time to travel the world.

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