Live-action game: System Danmarc (2005)

System Danmarc was a LARP (live-action roleplaying game) run in Copenhagen, Denmark in 7th-9th of October 2005. It portrayed a dystopic near future Copenhagen, in which the capital was divided in zones. The Class C zone where the larp took place was reserved for the citizens deemed useless for the society.

Peter Munth-Kaas tells the story of how the game System Danmarc used a cyberpunk setting full of excitements like drugs, violence, gangs, hyperslum and cool parties to make a point about how welfare societies today treat people who have fallen off the ladder of success. Hear how the game makers built a small city from freight containers on a square in central Copenhagen, and how players reacted to the documentary about the situation today for homeless people in Denmark that ended the game.

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