“At no point can I find the necessary resting place from which to understand [my life] backwards” Søren Kierkegaard

Jordan Smith wrote a long, well-argumentated blog post making the case for a Kierkegaardian reading of Dark Souls 2. He writes “In From Software’s Souls series, ramifications of decisions are instantaneous, and death is ubiquitous, but is no longer intransigent. The countless deaths of ghostly strangers—reenacted in fragments through the ether—cryptically guide your path, and your own deaths serve as both punishing reminders to tread lightly and the genesis of an overarching question: why do I press on?”.

Read the full article at http://killscreendaily.com/articles/beginners-guide-kierkegaard-dark-souls-2/ (it’s a relatively long read, but it’s well worth it!)